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Yellow Room
 by Mellow Mushroom


Yellow Room is the lifestyle apparel brand by the pizza wizards at Mellow Mushroom. The brand embodies the same trippy vibe as the well-loved pizzeria.




Establish a voice and tone for the brand launch which appeals to a younger generation of Mellow fans with a taste for fashion and pizza.


A voice with focused irreverence, an easy-going tone, and a nod to the Mellow Mushroom forefathers. The guide is still used by the brand today.


About Us

Welcome to the Yellow Room by Mellow Mushroom. We’re pizza people
and masters of taste in both food and apparel.
Much like our Mellow Mushroom forefathers, we bake to perfection,
preserve the peace, and keep things weird. We have taken our pizza
brains and projected them onto things you can put on your head and
body. Our artist friends have created some very mellow pieces to wear
and we think you’ll like them.
Welcome to a place that invites you to live what you imagine.

We don’t have to say “Look, we’re weird!”, it just happens.
Our thoughts are free-flowing and our ideas are spontaneous.
They work because we’ve been here before.
We are Mellow minded, artist centered, and in constant search
of inspiration.
We are who we are and don’t need to labels to say so.


Live what you imagine. Create the world you dream about. It’s not a
simulation, it’s a new reality that’s whatever you want it to be.

That’s our voice. Not quite awake, just asleep enough to dream. Floaty.
A little hazy, weirdly inspired, and down for whatever.

Brand Voice

We’re for everyone who wants it. Sure, our target market is 18-25 year old
fashion minded culture seekers, but we appeal to all kinds of pizza lovers
and graphic tee wearers. It’s not for one person, it’s for a mindset.

-Vintage shoppers
-The overly mellow
-Tastemakers, tasty bakers, baked tasters
-The meme-cultured
-Not your uncle. He doesn’t like it.



Brand Voice in Action

Design credit to the YellowRoom creative team 👏




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